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Microsoft shares the Love; Slashes Xbox prices in the US

Updated 4 years ago

Earlier this week Microsoft announced that it would cut Xbox 360 prices in Japan by 30% in an attempt to bolster their abysmal sales. Sales in Japan folks, not here, so calm yourselves. It looks like they have not forgot about their home nation. Starting on Friday, Microsoft will slash the prices on all three versions of it’s consoles. Yay! The Xbox 360 Arcade will fall to $199, booting the Wii out of it’s place as the lowest priced gaming console. Prices on the other two consoles are expected to drop by $50 bringing the prices of the mid-range Xbox 360 model to $299 and the high-end Xbox 360 elite to $399. Boo-yah! Who’s up for a quick beating in Madden?