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Microsoft giving away free Zunes…sort of

Updated 4 years ago
Published Feb 9th, 2008 9:08AM EST

It looks like Microsoft is having a bit of trouble fulfilling all of the orders placed for their special limited-edition Valentines Day Zune 80. Zune Originals, the customization firm in charge of the special paint jobs, sent out a email yesterday to a number of customers, explaining that “due to some issues in the fulfillment center” they wont be able to get the players out and shipped before the 14th. What could have been a potentially crushing blow to the unlucky few who were banking on the perfect gift for their sweethearts, however, has turned into a blessing. Microsoft is refunding 100% of the purchase price, but will still ship the players out once they’re ready. Free Zunes, bitches! While we’re sure there are number of disappointed customers out there, we think that Microsoft really did the right thing here, and should be congratulated for it. There. We said it.


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