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New McDonald’s Hamburglar ad will convince you the company is more desperate than you ever dreamed

McDonald's New Hamburglar Ad Video

As we’ve observed recently, McDonald’s hasn’t been doing so well. Whether it’s been releasing defensive informational videos explaining why its french fries need to contain 19 (!!) different ingredients, or whether it’s tried to lure foodies into its restaurants with promises of kale, the iconic Golden Arches are undergoing a profound brand identity crisis.

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The company’s latest gambit to create buzz for itself has been the introduction of a new Hamburglar who looks like the first result you’d get if you searched Google Images for “area sex offenders.” On Tuesday, McDonald’s posted a new ad of the 2015 Hamburglar that actually started off with the phrase, “Robble, robble, America — I’m back!”

Watch the whole video yourself:

The Hamburglar spends very little time actually talking about McDonald’s newest burger and spends most of the ad talking with his wife. Why? We have no idea but we bet McDonald’s wanted to make us idiot bloggers say, “What the hell is this?” and write about it and make fun of it just to generate buzz.

And in that regard, mission accomplished. But we still don’t think this will help sell many burgers.

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