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UPDATED: Master P and Lil’ Romeo officially endorse the new T-Mobile Sidekicks? Not so much

Published Sep 8th, 2007 3:02PM EDT

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Look at the picture, guys. That’s the face of the new Sidekick LX. And T-Mobz? You’ve honestly just lost all respect from us. Seriously, what in the hell were you thinking? Do you think this is “cool”, “fresh”, or “hot”? Apparently you do, and that’s the big problem — it’s not! No one identifies with Master P or Lil’ Romeo anymore. No one is going to buy a Sidekick because Master P and Lil’ Romeo made a horrible song which is nothing more than a mockery of product placement. McDonalds tried to do something like this a while ago. They were offering $1-$5 for every spin an artist got on radio if their song had McDonalds in it. Guess what? They didn’t have to even shell out a dollar. Why? Because this was a blatant, uncreative attempt at product placement and it back fired. We’re starting to think your grasping at straws. In the whole world, you couldn’t find a better ambassador for your product? You went from Dwayne Wade to Na-na-na-na. Consumers aren’t stupid, in fact, they’re anything from it. You’re going to have to try a lot harder than this to make a substantial impact in what you’re trying to achieve. There’s a tasteful way to present something like this, and you failed. Miserably. AT&T is killing you left and right, your 3G network is nowhere to be found, and your phones are less than stellar. We really love you T-Mobz, you were our favorite for a while, but you really disappointed us with this. Check out the song below, and music video and lyrics after the jump.


UPDATE: OK, T-Mobz. While some of what we said is true (you really need to work on the phones and network side of things), we might have been a little harsh. Additionally, we received word from T-Mobile directly that Master P and Lil’ Romeo are not endorsing T-Mobile products, and they had no hand in the creation of the “Sidekick” song on their new album. At this point, we’re waiting for Master P and his team to get back to us with some official quotes and an interview but, we thought we’d update you now. A T-Mobile spokesperson told us that “the posting about T-Mobile’s relationship with Master P and Lil Romeo endorsing Sidekick devices is inaccurate. T-Mobile does not have a promotional or financial deal with Master P, Lil Romeo, the Miller Boyz or Take A Stand Records. While we appreciate their enthusiasm for Sidekick devices, T-Mobile was not a partner in the development of this song.” Without hearing from the Miller Boyz directly yet, can we take guesses why they’d make a song and video with such blatent product placement and endorsements in it? They wanted to get the attention of T-Mobile to secure a deal, if we had to guess. Or did they actually get a check and T-Mobile realized it was an awful idea? What makes it even more odd, is that MTV and over 15 entertainment sites have a “press release” from Master P and Lil’ Romeo about this new “endorsement”. We’ll update you guys when we hear back from Percy. In the meantime, the “Sidekick” music video clip and “press release” from Master P and Lil’ Romeo is below, along with song lyric excerpts from the song.



 “Tmail me, my Sidekick, you got one? Flip it up!”

“Hit me on the Sidekick, rollin’ with a fly chick, I ain’t even trippin’ wody, that’s just my sidekick.”

“I do it for the trappers, I do it for the dope boys, Sidekick ringin'”

“Halle Berry in the Sidekick, you know I keep a fly chick, I could make it rain, T-Mobile phone in the pocket. Got a pearl white one like my boy D-Wade. I ain’t trippin’ on the haters ‘cuz I’m already paid.”

“This thing on my hip? Yeah, it’s called a Sidekick, CHYEA!, it’s more than a phone, it compliment the wrist.”

“D-Wade iced out shinin’ like a lighthouse”

“We ain’t got to speak, let your hands do the talkin’ mami, tmail the info to the after party”


“Entrepreneur/rapper Master P. (Percy Miller), and his son Romeo have teamed up with T-Mobile to promote the new Sidekick LX. The campaign reportedly was created in an effort to show that the Sidekick is still one of the most popular and preferred “smartphones” in the urban communities.

“Everywhere I go I take my Sidekick with me: school, the movie set, out on the road,” said Romeo. “It allows me to run my business and keep in touch with my friends. Texting is still the leading way of communication for us youth. I need my Sidekick like I need my Rap Snacks! I gotta have ‘em!”

“The Sidekick is the most important device for running my ventures,” said Master P. “I can’t always talk on the phone, but I can shoot off a quick text to close the deal when I need to.”

The father and son team “The Miller Boyz” have also created a song about the phone for their upcoming album “Hip-Hop History” entitled “Sidekick”, which is due out September 4th, 2007 on Take A Stand Records. The album will be the first profanity-free street record available through the label.”

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