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Live from the New York City DROID X event

Updated Dec 19th, 2018 6:41PM EST

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Oh, hey kids! We’re here live and in living color in the Mandarin Hotel Ballroom to see what Verizon & Company have in store for us. Hit the jump as we live bog the event!1:18 PM: Start ETA 6 minutes!

1:21 PM: Go time, Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google has showed up.

1:22 PM: Schmidt is talking: “To make phones happen you need an ecosystem.”

1:22 PM: “You need a network…strong processor…software platform that scales, with a real operating system…this is not a toy or an app engine. It is a powerful new operating system.”


1:25 PM: Schmidt just stepped off stage, we’re seeing the phone now.

1:26 PM: Going over NFL Red Zone on the DROID X and Verizon Wireless.

1:27 PM: Sanjay Jha, CEO Mobile Devices and Home Business is talking: “The phone is becoming the digital main stream device for computing.”

1:28 PM: “There is a convergence that is making this device much more personal and much more appealing.”

1:29 PM: “The convergence of mobility, internet, and media is driving this revolution.”

1:30 PM: “29% of homes have no landlines at all, they are mobile only.”

1:30 PM: “We have the capability to deliver media to your device, and we are very focused on it.”

1:31 PM: Seeing a Verizon DROID X hype video.

1:33 PM: Going over specs, 8 MP camera, Texas Instrument 1GHz Processor, 8GB memory built in, 16 BG SD card (expandable to 40GB total).

1:34 PM: 4.3″ display 854 x480, 400,000+ pixels

1:35 PM: Pre-loaded with SWYPE, and a MULTITOUCH KEYBOARD

1:35 PM: Wi-Fi hotsop, connection for up to 5 devices

1:36 PM: GPS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi

1:36 PM: Suports for Exhange, and Gmail Enterprise

1:37 PM: Security protocols, Corporate directories, remote wipe

1:37 PM: PVC-free, bromine-free, mercury-free, arsenic-free — seems to be manufactured in a very eco-friendly way

1:38 PM: Andy Ruben is up, he’s talking about Andoid

1:38 PM: “The power is in the cloud.”

1:40 PM: “Froyo source is available as of today!” Wa-hoo!

1:41 PM: Shantanu Narayen, President and CEO of Adobe Systems is up.

1:42 PM: “Adobe is about enabling all of the content on the web on these devices.”

1:42 PM: “We’ve been in the news for a little bit about Flash.”

1:42 PM: “3.5 million developers, 70% of web games, 75% of all web video”

1:43 PM: “98% penetration rate in Enterprise.”

1:44 PM: “Flash 10.1 is shipping as of yeserday, now it is about what developers can do.”

1:44 PM: “Thank you.”

1:44 PM: DROID X is shipping July 15th, for $199 after $100 MIR

1:45 PM: $29.99 for unlimited smartphone data

1:45 PM: $20 for Mobile Hotspot capability (will include and extra 2 GB of data)

1:45 PM: Anyone who has an upgrade in 2010 can upgrade with the full subsidy!

1:46 PM: Flash will ship later this summer.

1:46 PM: Ok , prepared remarks are over…time for Q&A.

1:47 PM: Q: When will you have a desktop client to help sync desktops?

1:47 PM: A: Will come with this phone.

1:47 PM: Q: What does “an extra 2GB mean when you say data is unlimited?”

1:48 PM: A: Data on the phone will be unlimited, the Wi-Fi Hotspot will have a 2 GB cap.

1:48 PM: Q: Is MOTOBLUR on the device?

1:48 PM: A: The device ships with Android 2.1 and will have a toned down version of MOTOBLUR.

1:49 PM: Q: What about the battery?

1:49 PM: A: 1570 mAh battery, we think it is very comparable to the DROID 1, there will be a 1930 mAh batter that will come in the next months, it will add 1mm of thickness to the phone.

1:50 PM: Q: Will it be available through third-party retailers on July 15th?

1:50 PM: A: Yes.

1:50 PM: Q: Does “unlimited” mean 5 GB cap?

1:51 PM: A: No, it is actually unlimited.

1:51 PM: Andy just reinforced that 160,000 Android devices are being sold per day. (Up from 60,000)

1:53 PM: Q: What will the delay look like for trying to get MOTOBLUR and Android 2.2 ready?

1:53 PM: A: We will be updating the DROID X to Android 2.2 this summer.

1:53 PM: Q: When will this be released worldwide?

1:54 PM A: This device is for Verizon only in the U.S., we may launch another phone globally that looks similar.

1:54 PM: Q: Overage on tethering?

1:54 PM: A: $0.05/MB

1:55 PM: That’s all the time we have for today…

1:55 PM: Later folks!  We’ll be back with our hands on.