In a huge profile in The New Yorker last week, Apple design boss Jony Ive revealed that has gave director J.J. Abrams some advice on how to design a better lightsaber for his upcoming film Star Wars: The Force Awakens. As you’ll recall, the new lightsaber was the source of some contention among Star Wars fans who complained that it looked, well, a bit too ridiculous.

As we have seen in more recent images from The Force Awakens, it appears as though Abrams and company definitely took some of Ive’s advice and made some key changes to the lightsaber’s new design.

Even still, however, it’s clear that this device is not a Jony Ive creation… so what might a lightsaber look like if it was designed by Ive from the ground up?

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Graphic design Martin Hajek is best known for taking Apple rumors and translating them into stunning concept renders that show us what Apple’s upcoming devices might end up looking like. This time around, however, he set his sights on an Apple device that will never hit store shelves: The iSaber.

Hajek did his best to channel Apple’s design guru while designing the Apple lightsaber and we have to say, he did a pretty incredible job. The result is a device that has Apple and Ive written all over it — down to the fact that it looks ridiculously slippery, just like Apple’s iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

Hajek nails some other very Appleesque details as well; the iSaber is even proudly branded with the note “Designed by Apple in Tatooine.”

A few of Hajek’s renders follow below and the rest can be seen on his site.

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