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kwiry is a dumb novelty, or maybe not?

When we first heard about kwiry, a text message service meant for helping you to remember things by letting you text your email, we scoffed, and then said “novelty” out loud in a patronizing aristocratic voice. Your phone already offers you a bunch of different ways to make small memos, not to mention that you can find dozens of applications online with the same purpose. You can even use your phone for email and send yourself one if you want to be sure you get your message at home. So why in the world would anyone think twice about this? Writing a text message is easy. For most people, texting is a fast and common thing, and that might just be the difference from actually bothering to write something down or not. The icing comes in form of versatility, since kwiry offers a couple more services. You can get your texts as RSS feeds, let your friends get emails as well, and you can even share everything via Facebook and iGoogle. Yeah, we know it sounds a bit too much, but as long as it’s only the price of free + your normal text charge, it might have a useful purpose. Anyone willing to give it a go?