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Kim Dotcom says U.S. government is wrong about Megaupload

Dan Graziano
March 26th, 2012 at 12:10 PM

Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom, who was arrested and charged with racketeering, copyright infringement and money laundering in one of the largest criminal cases of its kind, is maintaining his innocence. Dotcom has previously questioned his accusers’ motives, claiming he isn’t a so-called piracy king, but a man who ran a legitimate business that offered online storage and bandwidth. In an interview with TorrentFreak, Dotcom said that he can refute nearly every claim in the case being brought against him. Read on for more.

The Megaupload founder claims that the entertainment industry was eager to work with the site and even offered emails from big media companies including Disney, Warner Brothers and Fox as evidence. Dotcom previously claimed many U.S. government officials including members of the Department of Justice and the U.S. Senate used the file-sharing service as well. He even said the service had more than 15,000 members who were serving in the U.S. military, many of whom used it to share photos with their loved ones.

While Dotcom appears able to prove U.S. government officials and employees used Megaupload’s services, he offered very little in the way of concrete evidence proving his innocence with regard to the charges filed against him.

“We did nothing wrong,” Dotcom said. “Watch out for our first motion in response to the MPAA-sponsored Department of Justice indictment. It will be enlightening and maybe entertaining.”


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