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Kim Dotcom vows that new Megaupload will have ironclad legal protection

Updated 4 years ago
Published Sep 3rd, 2012 1:30PM EDT

Kim Dotcom has learned his lesson and is lawyering up to ensure that when his next-generation Megaupload website launches, it won’t be vulnerable to any legal challenges. Posting on his Twitter account on Monday, Dotcom said that he is working “24/7 with lawyers, developers, designers, investors & partners” to create the “ultimate” version of Megaupload that would be free of the legal controversies that had dogged the previous version of the site. When asked by a follower if he was worried that the new Megaupload could face the same fate as its predecessor, Dotcom replied “that will be IMPOSSIBLE. Trust me!”

While bragging about his progress in building the new Megaupload, Dotcom also promised to rehire all 220 Megaupload employees who lost their jobs in the wake of the website shutdown and further vowed to give them a pay raise once they were back working for the company. Finally, Dotcom told former Megaupload premium members would “have their premium status transferred to the new Mega, with a bonus on top.”


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