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Kim Dotcom teases Megaupload sequel ‘Megabox’ [video]

Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom has put out a new video teasing his new project dubbed Megabox, which is purportedly legal. The video mostly shows coders building and doing tests on the new music download site and gives a glimpse of what Megabox’s user interface will look like. No launch date was announced but the video does say that the site is “coming soon” and will give users access to their music collections “anywhere and anytime.” Dotcom earlier this month said that he was working with his lawyers to make sure that the new Megabox site had ironclad legal protection and would be free of the legal controversies that dogged its predecessor

Ars Technica has reported on some new details about how Megabox will work. Apparently, users will have two choices: First, they can straight-up pay for music that they download from the site, just as they would with iTunes. Or, more intriguingly, they can get it for free by installing the so-called “Megakey” software that actually “replaces about 15 percent of the ads served up by websites with ads hosted by Megabox.” In other words, Megabox will block a certain percentage of ads that appear on other websites and replace them with its own as a way of making money to pay artists who participate in the website.

The full Megabox teaser video is posted below.


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