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Here’s what to do if your iPhone storage gets clogged by mysterious ‘Other’ data

iPhone Tips And Tricks Data Storage

If you use your iPhone to do a lot of different things, you may find that it has a huge block of storage space that’s being taken up by data that only gets categorized as “Other.” One iPhone owner on Reddit had a particularly acute case of “Other” data storage woes and found that this mysterious data accounted for nearly 38GB on his 128GB iPhone 6. Based on the recommendations of other iPhone users in the thread, here are some things you should do if you find that this mysterious data is taking over your device.

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  •  First, go through all your old Messages threads on the phone and delete the ones that you don’t need anymore. Messages threads can get very data-intensive if you and your friends share a lot of images, GIFs and videos with each other, so this is the first logical place to look.
  • Next, check out how much data your assorted apps are taking up. You can do this by opening up Settings, selecting General, then selecting Usage and then Manage Storage. Once you’re in Manage Storage, you’ll want to check out the Documents and Data for individual apps so you can see exactly what’s clogging up your space. From there you can either manually clear the app’s cache or uninstall and then reinstall it.
  • If all else fails, you should back up your phone’s data and settings to iCloud and then give it a full factory reset and then reinstall everything from iCloud. This is particularly useful because iCloud does not actually back up the “Other” data on your device so when you reinstall everything, the huge glut of mystery data should be gone.

To read more advice for iPhone users who want to get rid of mysterious data on their phone, check out the full Reddit thread at the source link below.

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