We already know that Touch ID on the iPhone 6s is significantly faster than Touch ID on the iPhone 5s and the iPhone 6. A new video reveals that there’s yet another way that Touch ID has improved with the iPhone 6s: It seems that Apple has made it easier to unlock the device with Touch ID even if you have damp fingers.

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The video, which was produced by iPhoneHacks, shows that you can unlock your iPhone 6s relatively easily even if you dip your fingers into water before using it.

“The previous generation Touch ID didn’t work at all with wet or damp fingers,” iPhoneHacks explains. “The ability to use Touch ID with wet or damp fingers is a great improvement, as it means you can use it after you’ve taken a shower.”

The video also shows that you can now unlock your iPhone 6s with Touch ID with just one tap, whereas before you’d have to press the Home button to wake up the device and then hold down your finger to get it to unlock.

Check out the whole video for yourself below.

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