The Spanish-language site iPhoneros on Friday published a series of photos which purport to show what the iPhone 6s packaging is going to look like. While we’ve seen a few such photos over the past few weeks, the most recent leak provides us with the clearest and most extensive picture of what we can expect to see Apple deliver from a packaging perspective.

As opposed to previous iPhone models, the 6s’ packaging doesn’t depict the iOS homescreen but instead displays a few snapshots of the animated photos Apple is planning to let iPhone 6s users choose as their background.

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Based on the photo above, Apple’s Space Grey packaging will feature a red fish while the Rose Gold, Silver, and Gold iPhone boxes will feature orange, blue, and blue/gold colored fish, respectively.

For those curious as to the type of fish depicted, they’re apparently Siamese Fighting Fish, a species known for their vibrant colors and “large, flowing fins” which can vary wildly from fish to fish. According to a 9to5Mac report last week, Apple likely sent a team of photographers to Thailand to film the fish earlier in the year.

You can check out some more close-up shots of iPhone 6s packaging below.

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