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Here’s one important area where some people think the iPhone 6 Plus falls short

iPhone 6 vs iPhone 6 Plus A8 Processor

While Apple never mentions RAM for its iPhones, various reports have already revealed the iPhone 6 will only pack 1GB of RAMa feature causing warrantless disappointment among some potential buyers – and future teardowns will likely soon confirm Apple new iPhones pack “just” 1GB of RAM. In the meantime, an iPhone 6 Plus screenshot has leaked from Korea and it unsurprisingly reveals the first Apple phablet will also pack the same amount of RAM as the iPhone 6.

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Even though the iPhone 6 Plus will have a bigger display running at a much higher resolution than the iPhone 6, the device will still make use of the same A8 System on Chip (SoC) according to Apple. The company has not highlighted any differences between the two devices when it comes to silicon choice during its September 9th keynote or on its website, which means RAM differences aren’t to be expected.

After all, even with the iPad Air that also has a significantly bigger display and higher resolution than the iPhone 5s, Apple didn’t increase RAM, using the same exact A7 chip in its 9.7-inch tablet. However, the A7 chip inside the iPad Air does run at a slightly higher frequency (1.4GHz) than on the iPhone 5s (1.3GHz).

Apple has never competed with rivals on the hardware front, especially when it comes to processor cores, built-in RAM and camera megapixels – and until this year, screen size – and the same thing remains valid for the 2014 iPhone generation.

The company said on stage that its new desktop-grade 64-bit A8 chip will be able to deliver significant CPU and GPU improvements, and constant top performance, and that’s likely to be true, considering its predecessor was highly praised for its capabilities. iOS 8 optimizations are also expected to further improve overall iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus performance, even though the devices won’t pack more RAM than predecessors.

The leaked iPhone 6 Plus showing memory usage on the device, a new iOS 8 feature, follows below.

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