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This is how much an iPhone 6 will actually cost you

iPhone 6 Upgrade Cost

Combining one of the most significant hardware evolutions in the history of the iPhone with a host of brand new features, the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus were no-brainers for many Apple fans. We’ve seen thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of customers lined up for the iPhone 6 all over the world, but countless others are waiting to see the widespread reaction (or just waiting for their upgrade date).

If you happen to be one of those potential future upgraders, you might have done yourself a favor by waiting it out. Wallet Hub has put together a handy cell phone calculator that could end up saving you hundreds of dollars when you finally do take the plunge. If you’re trying to decide between two different plans, you can plug in the upfront cost and the monthly. The site will then calculate the total cost over two years.

If you’d rather not fiddle with the calculator or take the time to look up plans on your own, Wallet Hub has put together an infographic of the total cost over two years on all four major U.S. carriers with a 2-year contract, no contract and an installment plan.

Verizon came out on top with a total cost of $1,568 on contract, but T-Mobile swept the other two categories. These were all based on the 16GB iPhone 6 with at least 2GB of data. Check out the full infographic below.

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