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Is Apple’s iPhone 6 going to feature a glowing Apple logo?

July 31st, 2014 at 11:20 AM
iPhone 6 Rumors: Apple Logo

Following a hands-on video with the metal case of the iPhone 6, which originated from a source close to Apple’s production lines in China, YouTube channel iCrackUriDevice posted a second clip in which “the truth about glowing Apple logo and notifications” is explained.

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While several rumors said that the iPhone 6 will have a Mac-like glowing logo on the back, which could light up for notifications, this is not something the iPhone 6 will deliver, the source told iCrackUrIDevice’s Tanner Marsh.

“My inside sources who have deep connections within Apple’s supply chain have informed me that due to the process Apple will utilize for achieving the silver, space gray and gold colors on the aluminum housings, the best route for Apple to take is to not directly embed the logo until the color is accurate,” Marsh wrote on BestTechInfo. “As for the modified design shape of the recessed area over the iPad Air and iPad mini, it will allow Apple to more easily and efficiently affix the logo and further provide insulation for dissipating heat.”

The leaked component is similar to other iPhone 6 rear covers shown in other reports and on dummy unit models, although Apple is yet to confirm it. However, Marsh says the same sources provided similar components for the iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c and iPad Air last year, well ahead of their respective launches, which proved to be the real deal.

Finally, the leaked iPhone 6 rear case’s thickness was also measured during this second hands-on video (available below), with Marsh saying it’s just under 6mm, not including the missing display, which is in line with what other reports said about the phone’s thickness.

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