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Beardgate: The silliest iPhone 6 Plus scandal yet

Published Oct 3rd, 2014 12:25PM EDT
iPhone 6 Plus Features Beards

Just as it looked like the iPhone 6 Plus was getting past the not-exactly-fatal “Bendgate” controversy, yet another scandal has popped up that could further damage the device’s reputation… but probably won’t. We’re referring, of course, to “Beardgate,” an issue that was flagged by a 9to5Mac community member who claims that the iPhone 6 Plus “keeps yanking out my hair when I’m making call,” which is apparently happening because his facial hair is getting stuck in “the seam between the glass and aluminum.”

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At first, the 9to5Mac community member thought this painful flaw was just something that affected him. However, he went on Twitter and quickly found no fewer than three fellow bearded travelers who were also experiencing the same problem.

“My hair keeps getting caught in the microscopic seam between glass and aluminum on my iPhone 6,” wrote one.

“The seam on my iPhone 6 where the aluminum meets the glass is definitely catching my hair and pulling it out,” wrote another.

While we have no doubt that getting your hair pinched slightly when you move your phone away from your face does hurt, we tend to doubt that this will be the kind of all-encompassing scandal that will force Tim Cook to issue a formal apology. Nonetheless, we shouldn’t be surprised to see videos over the next few days of gadget YouTubers who are testing out the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus to see if it’s really as deadly to facial hair as these users claim — and, more importantly, whether the Galaxy Note series is more friendly to the world’s bearded community.

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