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New iPhone 6 leak shows how Apple could fix one of the worst things about phablets

iPhone 6 Display Leaked Photos

Phablets are terrific but they do have their drawbacks, particularly when it comes to being able to use them comfortably with just one hand. However, uSwitch has just published some fresh leaked photos of the iPhone 6’s front panel that it claims shows that Apple is trying to design phones that deliver bigger displays but that also are easy to use with one hand.

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uSwitch says the photos, which are sourced “in conjunction with long-established leaks expert Sonny Dickson,” show that Apple has made the area around the home button significantly smaller than on the iPhone 5s, thus leaving a lot more space for the display without making the phone’s basic frame significantly larger. uSwitch also notes how Apple has thinned out the side bezels on the iPhone 6 compared to earlier releases, which will again allow it to have phones with larger displays that could still fit comfortably in your hands.

“Look closely in the photo above at the portion of the iPhone 6 where the home button is located and you’ll notice that the area appears to have been shrunk compared with the iPhone 5S in the snaps below,” writes uSwitch. “It could be a case of perspective deceiving us. But we don’t think so.”

Check out more pictures over at uSwitch’s page by clicking the source link below.

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