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These are the essential iPhone camera tricks used by pro photographers

December 19th, 2014 at 2:02 PM
iPhone 6 Camera Tips And Tricks

The iPhone 6 can take stunning pictures, but that doesn’t mean the phone will do all the work for you. BostInno has put together a list of 10 essential tricks that pro photographers use to make sure their iPhones take first-rate pictures and while some are pretty obvious — most of us know to hold our phones horizontally at this point and to not use the pinch-to-zoom function unless it’s completely necessary — others really caught our attention as things we’ve never thought of before.

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One particularly smart trick listed by BostInno is to take pictures in bursts of threes, which will greatly increase your chances of getting a strong picture than if you snap one pic and hope for the best. The publication also recommends that you take pictures from higher vantage points whenever possible, which means if you have the opportunity to climb something to get a better shot, you should take advantage of it.

From a more technical standpoint, BostInno recommends holding your finger on your main focus point and then clicking on the “AE/AF Lock” prompt that shows up, as this will let you lock your exposure. It also says you should consider using your phone camera’s HDR feature for taking better still shots.

This is just a quick summary of the great tricks listed by BostInno. You should really check out the whole list by clicking the source link below.

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