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4 cases that will help your iPhone 6 survive brutal drops

iPhone 6 Best Cases Rugged

There’s nothing worse than dropping your iPhone 6 and having its screen get scratched or cracked… and let’s not even get into what happens if you drop your device and it bends. Thankfully, has put together a terrific list of rugged iPhone 6 cases that are designed to help your device survive brutal drops. They may not be the most aesthetically pleasing cases on the market but they look like must-haves for anyone who regularly takes their iPhone 6 on rock climbing trips.

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The cases have pretty wide variations in price — on the low end you have the i-Blason Armorbox, which costs $24.99 while on the high end you have the OtterBox Defender, which costs $59.90. In between these two there are the Spigen Tough Armor, which costs $34.99, and the Speck MightyShell, which costs $49.95.

Again, none of these cases is exactly stylish but they’re not supposed to be — instead, they’re designed to keep your iPhone 6 in one piece even if you drop it from a significant height.

To read more about each of these cases and to get’s evaluation for each one, be sure to check out its full article by clicking the source link below.

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