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iPhone 5 touchscreen scrolling glitch could hamper game development [video]

Updated 10 years ago
Published Nov 9th, 2012 3:30PM EST
iPhone 5 Scrolling Glitch

The iPhone 5 hasn’t had a break since it was launched in October. While most people have already gotten used to the scuffing and the scratching, the iPhone 5’s touchscreen that uses in-cell screen technology to bond the glass to the touch has been nothing short of perfect. At least, it was perfect until Recombu reported that U.K.-based game developers CMA Megacorp discovered a glitch where the iPhone 5’s touchscreen stops accepting input and sometimes even freezes up after being swiped diagonally at quick speeds. Most iPhone 5 users won’t even notice the glitch, but games that require tons of swiping from different directions and angles such as Fruit Ninja might see some issues.

The Recombu guys busted out two iPhone 4S’s and two iPhone 5’s, each running iOS 6 and iOS 6.0.1 to see if they could isolate the case. As shown in the video below, the both iPhone 4S’s worked just fine, but the two iPhone 5’s just wonked out. Recombu isn’t sure if it’s a result of the in-cell screen or if it’s an iPhone 5 hardware issue or if it’s merely a software glitch. What is clear is that there’s a small issue that Apple (AAPL) needs to address.

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