With 3D Touch positioned as the flagship feature on the iPhone 6s, Apple has started making more of a concerted effort to make it a central part of its expanding iPhone marketing push. Just last week, for instance, 3D Touch was the focal point of a brand new iPhone commercial starring Jamie Foxx. And now comes word that some flagship Apple Stores in New York City and San Francisco are being outfitted with special “force touch” tables that demonstrate, in a somewhat clever way, how 3D Touch works.

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As you can see in the video below, when users apply a ‘force touch’ to the iPhones resting on specially constructed tables, the table reacts and presents a water rippling effect.

All in all it’s a smart and fun way for Apple to introduce the concept of 3D Touch to users considering picking up an iPhone 6s. It remains to be seen if Apple plans to roll out similar demo units to other Apple retail outlets around the country.

As it stands now, 3D Touch is only available on a few of iOS 9’s built-in apps and a select but growing number of third-party apps. Though undeniably helpful and convenient now, the potential of 3D Touch is huge and it’ll extremely interesting to see how game developers plan to implement it in the months ahead.

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