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Next-gen iPad rear shell revealed in leaked photos

iPad 5 Leaked Pictures

Apple's fifth-generation iPad is coming this fall and that means we're starting to get a steady supply of leaked pictures of the new device. FanaticFone has just published fresh pictures of the next iPad's rear shell and has found that its frame measures in at 24 centimeters by 16.8 centimeters, which is slightly smaller than the current-generation iPad that measures in at 24 centimeters by 18.6 centimeters. FanaticFone also notices that “the distance between the border and screen of the iPad 5 is much shorter than the former iPads’” and now measures at 3 millimeters, which confirms earlier reports that Apple would try to shrink down the bezels of its next iPad to make it look more like the iPad mini. FanaticFone's pictures of the next-generation iPad shell follow below.


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