If you use FacebookApple Maps, or Google Maps, it’s pretty easy to find where you are on a map with GPS. But what about when you want others to know where you are at any given time? Imagine if you’re in a car wreck and no one knows where you are. Or if a loved one is picking you up and they don’t know the exact address where you’re standing. It would be helpful for friends, family and the police to be able to find you with a location-sharing option for your iPhone, and luckily iOS 8 does just that.

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This particular feature isn’t obvious when you’re just playing around on your iPhone, which is why CNET has posted a quick guide showing you how to share your location with other iOS users.

First, open up your messages and create a new message to the person who’s trying to find you.

Second, tap the details button in the upper-right corner.

Third, tap one of the two options that pop-up: “Send My Current Location” or “Share My Location.”

It’s really not that hard to understand, but head on over to CNET to get the full story on location sharing with iOS 8.

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