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How to fix all of iOS 8’s most common problems

iOS 8 Tips And Tricks

iOS 8 has earned praise from Apple users for its great new features but that doesn’t mean it’s a perfect release. iMobie has put together a terrific guide that walks you through how to fix all of the most common problems or bugs that people have encountered when installing or using iOS 8 that you should bookmark if you find yourself having difficulties with the new platform.

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Among other things, the guide covers ways to free up more storage so you have enough space to install iOS 8, what to do if your iPhone locks up during the installation, what to do if you can’t send or receive text messages after installing iOS 8, what to do if your charger stops working after the update, what to do if your apps frequently crash on iOS 8 and what to do if you find iOS 8 is draining your battery too quickly.

Overall most of the solutions offered by iMobie aren’t overly complicated and often just involve resetting certain settings. For example, when it comes to apps that are constantly crashing, iMobie recommends first trying a simple restart of your device and then checking to make sure you allow for automatic updates on your device so you’ll be sure to have the latest version of the app. Problems sending and receiving text messages, meanwhile, can largely be solved by resetting your network settings.

Be sure to check out the full guide by clicking the source link below.

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