It’s pretty much accepted that when a Christopher Nolan film comes out, it’s an event. Leading up to that event, Nolan just teases moviegoers to the point that viewers don’t know what the movie is about. This new Interstellar trailer gives us a whole bunch of footage that we haven’t had the chance to drink in with our eyes yet, and it’s epic.

That was a lot of footage. It gave us a lot more information about the plot of the film, the state of the world in the film, and the visuals that can only be done by Christopher Nolan — and it makes us believe that what we’re seeing is really happening. Let’s all just throw our wallets and purses at the movie ticket guy and get a seat to see Interstellar.

It’s rare nowadays that a film is an event that you have to actually go and see it in theatres. That being said, this seems like one of those movies you have to watch on the big screen and not on your smartphone or even HDTV.

Interstellar comes out on November 7th to regular and IMAX theatres everywhere.

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