What’s the scariest thing you’ve ever seen barreling toward you when you’ve been driving? Whatever it is, we can’t imagine it’s much scarier than the giant Minion balloon that broke free from local fairgrounds and caused traffic havoc on a road near northern Dubin in Ireland. Irish publication TheJournal.ie first reported on the fiasco and posted some pictures of the colossal Minion clogging up Old Swords Road in the Santry area of north Dublin.

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Photo credit: Erin Van Londen

So how much damage did this massive balloon cause? TheJournal.ie explains that “a motorist’s wing mirror was damaged by the escaped inflatable, and the incident caused traffic problems” until it was removed. Officials estimated that the Minion was between 30 and 40 feet tall before it was deflated and returned to storage.

A driver named Erin Van Londen was the first to report the balloon’s escape to police, which she called “an odd thing to have to report.” She was thankful, however, that the oversized Minion didn’t cause much extra damage. She also took the time to snap several photos of the balloon causing trouble as it rolled down the street — we’ve posted one more below but you can go to TheJournal.ie if you want to see more.

Photo credit: Erin Van Londen

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