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HTC insider confirms Google Phone?

This is pretty big, dear readers. If rumors shall hold true, then HTC is currently hard at work on a handset device. This wouldn’t sound at all interesting except for one small fact: it’s being custom built for none other than Google. Google has been slapping its mobile apps onto phones of all shapes and sizes for a while now, but has yet to drop a self-branded device. Rumors of a true Google phone, however, have been around almost as long as the iPhone rumors….that’s a long time, folks. HTC has apparently hooked up over 20 designs for Google to choose from. The winning handset will sport a custom version of Google Maps with built-in GPS, GMail, and Calender support, as well as Google Talk with VoIP (read: Wi-Fi) capability. All in all, this sounds like a match made in heaven. Expect this to drop sometime during Q1 of next year if things pan out.


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