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HTC, Google, and T-Mobile Announce first Android Device: G1

Well, folks, it’s been a long time coming and we all knew this day would come, but T-Mobile, Google, and HTC made it official: The G1 featuring Google Android is here! From first looks, it certainly doesn’t disappoint – Android is amazing! First, the phone itself is really neat with the slide-out screen revealing a full QWERTY keyboard, a large, vivid touch screen, and simple soft keys and trackball for some wicked easy navigation. As far as connectivity, we already know that T-Mobile has been flooding the States with 3G and the device has WiFi for easy hotspot access. Remember, because this device is sporting Android, you can bet that everyting Google will be available for this phone: GMail, Google Maps with Street View, and so much more. If that weren’t enough, the app store that T-Mobile will be releasing will bring a host of new reasons to grab this phone – just this morning we were getting e-mails from developers who saw the first few minutes of Android footage and were excited beyond belief to get on it and launch their own apps. For everyone who just couldn’t hold their a minute longer, these awesome devices are available for pre-order today! And, as of October 22, the G1 will be available in store for you to get your fingers on and snag for $179 with a new contract (voice and data agreement). That’s right – $179. Can anyone really say that that isn’t a good deal without being facetious?