Hey folks, it looks like the HTC Fuze, which was release just last week, is making its way to Best Buy. If for some reason you prefer buying your phones through the mega-electronics-retailer, the Windows Mobile phone will be arriving shortly. Oddly, it’s not coming on Black Friday but December 7, to be exact. We’re not quite sure, but the last time a Best Buy stock screen said “Not Carried by Loc”, it meant that it was going to be available online only. Unfortunately, we don’t know what pricing will be like but don’t expect it to be any cheaper than what you can find at AT&T, and since the screen is showing it as the “AT&T HTC Fuze” don’t expect it to be unlocked, either. Still, if the AT&T site or corporate stores weren’t enough channels for getting this awesome new phone out, there is now another source for getting your hands on AT&T’s latest and greatest.

[Thanks, Nixon!]