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How to get a job at Apple: Designer reveals Apple’s insane hiring process

Published Feb 25th, 2015 12:09PM EST
How To Get A Job At Apple

By all accounts, Apple can be a difficult place to work. In fact, it seems that just getting there is a chore. Information Age directs our attention to a new blog post from U.K.-based UX designer Luis Abreu, who recently had his application to work for Apple rejected despite going through “three screenings, five FaceTime calls and a trip to Cupertino.”

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The three screenings and five FaceTime calls may have seemed excessive but Abreu seemed pretty confident of his chances of getting the job when he was asked to fly all the way from the U.K. to Cupertino. After all, Apple wouldn’t have flown him out if it didn’t plan on hiring him, right?

However, he was very quickly sent a rejection notice shortly after his trip. He says he was quite surprised by this given all the time invested by both him and the company in the ordeal.

“The process was extremely long, especially considering the outcome,” he explains. “More than a dozen people and their time, >$2000 worth of travel expenses, spanning across 4 months.”

He also writes that an Apple representative told him during his interviews that he should be flatted because Apple “doesn’t waste time with the dumb” by bringing them in to interview at Cupertino, which he says isn’t really something he was happy to hear.

To get a full reading of Abreu’s account, we recommend checking out his full post here.

Brad Reed
Brad Reed Staff Writer

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