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How to Fix 7 of the Most Common Problems with the iPhone

How To Fix iPhone Problems

Apple’s iPhone lineup is powered by iOS, which is known for a number of things. While a few buggy initial launches might lead you to believe otherwise, iOS is actually one of the most stable widely available software platforms in the world. But stable though it may be, there are still some common problems that can be incredibly bothersome if they affect your iPhone, so we do our best to show you how to fix your phone and enjoy smooth sailing whenever possible.

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CNET is known for its guides, and the site recently rehashed a bunch of old guides to create a one-stop shop for people looking to fix common iPhone problems. You won’t find cures for every iOS issue in there, of course, but it does do a good job of addressing the basics for seven of the most common problems out there.

First and foremost is excess battery drain, which is easily one of the biggest iPhone gripes. We’ve shared tons of tips for extending your iPhone’s battery here on BGR, but CNET does a nice job here of keeping things simple.  The three main items of note are adjusting apps that can use background processes, stopping certain apps from being able to access your location, and looking over your apps within Settings to see which ones are causing the most battery drain.

Next up, the site explains what to do if the interface on your iPhone slows down or freezes. This is generally an easy fix, and there are also a couple of good tips in there to help speed things up, such as disabling Apple’s parallax effects.

Also covered in the guide are notes on how to fix connectivity issues, what to do if your text messages aren’t sending, how to resolve syncing problems and app crashes, and what to do if your iPhone becomes unresponsive.

Follow the link below in our source section for all the details.

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