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What it’s like to eat at Chipotle every day for 106 days straight

July 21st, 2015 at 12:15 PM
How Much Chipotle Can One Man Eat

Chipotle is delicious and wonderful… but could you eat it every day? 30-year-old Colorado Springs resident Mark Rantal has now eaten at Chipotle every day for the past 106 days and has lived to tell about it both in a Reddit AMA and an interview with Good Morning America.

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The most popular question asked in Rantal’s AMA was a crude-yet-vital one: “What do you use to get the bloodstains out of your underwear?” He replied that his bowels have actually been holding up quite nicely and that “after a week there was no burn at all” when having a movement.

When it comes to weight gain, Rantal says he’s added 14 pounds over a three-month period, although he claims that he was looking to gain weight anyway after losing a lot of weight while on a vegetarian diet. He also orders the same meal every time: “Burrito bowl, white rice, pinto beans, fajitas and sofritas, then pico de gallo, corn, medium salsa, cheese and lettuce.”

Of course, it’s also the case that just one Chipotle meal can pack roughly your entire recommended daily allowance of calories, salt and fat. The restaurant’s barbacoa burrito alone, for instance, weighs in at 1,085 calories and contains 78% of your daily allowance of saturated fat and 109% of your daily salt intake — and that’s before you factor in chips, salsa and a soda.

In other words, eating Chipotle every day for an extended period of time is not good for your health, no matter how delicious it may be.

That said, Rantal insists on keeping his streak going and even tells Good Morning America that he might keep it up for a year. And which point he’ll likely have gained somewhere in the neighborhood of at least 40 pounds since this little experiment started. That’s quite the rainbow to reach for.

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