Working a full-time job is stressful enough, but sometimes you have to start thinking about ways you can make money after regular work hours. Still, you probably wouldn’t take another job without knowing up front that you’d be well-compensated for the extra hours.

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Intrigued? If you’re willing to spend some time scouring the Internet, there are plenty of part-time jobs that pay surprisingly well considering the amount of time you’ll be putting into them on a weekly basis. Business Insider put together a list of ten high-paying jobs from FlexJobs that are worth considering:

  1. Sign Language Interpreter – $36.50/hour
  2. Software Developer – $30/hour
  3. Online Communications Associate – $25/hour
  4. Merchandise Coordinator – $21/hour
  5. Bilingual Legal Assistant – $21/hour
  6. Freelance Product Photographer – $20/hour
  7. Bookkeeper – $19/hour
  8. Copy Editor / Writer – $17/hour
  9. Temporary Transcript Processor – $15/hour
  10. City Guide Writer – $50-100/project

Some of these jobs clearly have more qualifications that others, but if you’re looking to expand your budget without eliminating every free hour in your week, it might not be a bad idea to explore these opportunities. Each and every one pays at least twice the minimum federal wage as well, so although they might not provide enough cash to thrive on, they could significantly improve your day to day quality of life.

Be sure to visit FlexJobs to start searching for one of these jobs today.

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