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GPS / Rev A. coming for Sprint Mogul in 2008

This sounds promising. Sprint has pulled a double move here, acknowledging issues with the last round of Mogul ROM updates, while at the same time making some pretty exciting promises about the next planned firmware version. The company has released a statement apologizing for the lack of fixes in the last Mogul ROM update. The update was supposed to deal with some pretty specific Bluetooth issues. Sprint is now saying, however, that the best course of action for anyone still experiencing those issues is to downgrade their firmware to the previous version. Seems like a strange course of action, but we’ll ride with it given the next bit of info. Sprint has also said that the Mogul will be getting some GPS capabilities come Q1 2008. The exact quote from Sprint follows:

Additionally, HTC is currently developing a separate ROM update which enables the EV-DO Rev. A and GPS capabilities that are already built into the Mogul hardware.  Sprint and HTC plan to make this software ROM available in early 1Q 2008. We would also like to extend our thanks to those customers that have taken the time to identify and report these issues to us.

GPS, huh? Sounds good to us, but Rev A. sounds a whole lot better.


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