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Here’s an awesome Google search trick you probably don’t know about

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Have you ever been in the grocery store and gotten the urge to cook something really fancy but you didn’t know the ingredients? Google is now here to help. Android’s official Twitter account on Wednesday posted a picture showing an Android phone that had searched for “lasagna” recipes on Google and that also displayed a full checklist of key ingredients that you would need to concoct the dish.

This is an incredibly cool feature that we had never seen before but unfortunately Google didn’t post any instructions for how to use this feature on your phone — if you just search for recipes on Chrome, these ingredients checklists won’t automatically appear.

The team at Droid Life did some digging, however, and found a step-by-step process for getting the ingredients lists to show up.

  • First, open up Chrome and do a search for the type of food you want to cook.
  • Once Google has retrieved some recipes for you, click on the “More” tab” at the top of the search results and then click on “Search tools” when the drop down menu pops up.
  • This will then bring up several different options to help you refine your search for recipes, including recipes of a limited calorie count, cook times and, yes, recipes that either use or don’t use common ingredients found in the dishes.

This really is a very creative use of search on Google’s part and we’re sure it’s just one of many little features that the company has tucked away that are waiting to be discovered.

The picture showing what the ingredient checklist looks like follows below.

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