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Here are some killer Google search tricks you’ll wonder how you ever lived without

Google Search Tips And Tricks

Google is the most widely used search engine in the world — but are you using it to its full potential? Business Insider has put together a quick video of essential Google tips and tricks, and while some of them are pretty obvious — who doesn’t know to use full quotations to look up exact phrases at this point? — some of them were new to us and thus will hopefully be new to you as well.

MORE GREAT TRICKS: 25 Google Search tricks you won’t know how you ever lived without

One of the coolest tricks that Business Insider showed off was reverse image search. Essentially, this is a perfect search tool for people who have seen an image used repeatedly all over the Internet but don’t know its exact origins. You can execute this trick by searching on Google Images and then clicking the camera icon to upload your own picture. Once you’ve uploaded the picture, Google will give you a best guess of where it came from. So for instance, when we reverse searched for a famous image of former Toronto mayor Rob Ford getting wasted, it brought us back a guess of “rob ford taste of the danforth.”

Other cool tricks shown in the video tell you how to search for a specific file type, such as Word documents or PDFs; how to search for things that were posted at a given time or location; and how to create searches that use fewer words and will thus be more accurate.

The full video is worth watching and follows below.

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