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Music fans will absolutely love Google’s latest search trick

Google Search Tips And Tricks Music

If you’re someone who goes to live music shows frequently, you’re going to love what Google is doing. 9to5Google notices that Google has started adding direct links to Ticketmaster sales pages when you search for bands and venues. This means that if you search for your favorite artist on Google and they’re playing nearby in the near future, Google will give you an easy way to buy their tickets with a minimal number of clicks.

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9to5Google also points out that this is a great resource for artists as well as fans, since Google is giving them the option to either add some HTML code or a widget to their websites that will make Ticketmaster links for their next performances pop up on search results.

This isn’t the only music-related feature that Google has added in recent months, as the search engine is now also displaying song lyrics on search results whenever you include the word “lyrics” in a search query of a particular song.

All told, it looks as though Google is trying to make music fans’ digital lives simpler by reducing the number of clicks they need to get the information they want, which we don’t think anyone but the lyrics websites will have reason to complain about.

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