There is really no question that Google Now is one of the best things to happen to mobile devices in the past few years. Google’s intelligent personal assistant service gives you important information before you even realize you need it, and it is constantly improving as Google adds more great functionality to the service. Of course, Google Now isn’t all business — it can also have some fun from time to time just like Apple’s Siri, and there are some cool Google Now easter eggs that you really have to check out.

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Mental Floss recently put together a list of 11 cool Google Now easter eggs that will give Google’s virtual assistant a break from informing you and allow it to briefly entertain you.

Remember that horrible “The Fox” track by Ylvis that people couldn’t stop listening to? As Google Now “what does the fox say?” and it will respond with some of the same gibberish from the song. Ask again and it’ll quote some different gibberish.

Some other nifty hidden gems include fun with the legendary Konami code, a Star Trek easter egg, a Monty Python easter egg and a “Who’s on first?” easter egg that pays homage to the classic Abbot & Costello routine.

For information and videos of all 11 Google Now easter eggs, follow the link below in our source section.

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