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Google G1 screenshots galore

Updated 4 years ago
Published Sep 23rd, 2008 12:08AM EDT

Looking for a bit of Google G1 goodness to hold you over until T-Mobile’s announcement later tomorrow this morning? We’ve got you covered. An eagle-eyed reader spotted these promo shots on T-Mobile’s G1 site, giving us a bit of a sneak preview of the world’s first commercially available Android-based device. The desktop shot looks roughly similar to the Android desktop shots that we’ve seen from the beginning, with a collection of customizable widgets that display a variety of at-a-glance info and access to commonly used applications. The presence of a MyFaves icon ensures compatibility with T-Mobile’s unlimited calling service. The next screen shot gives a bit of a look into the Maps application, though it doesn’t reveal a whole lot of useful info. We do see reference to, YouTube, Gmail, and GCal, but Google Application interfacing is no secret. Finally, we’ve got a look at both the browser and the landscape mode for image viewing. Again, nothing revolutionary, though the browser does appear to be formatted similarly to Google’s iPhone-specific mode. Hit the jump for the final two shots, and hold on to your hats folks. 10:30 AM EST is almost upon us.

Thanks, Nigel!

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