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Time Warner Cable executive claims consumers don’t want gigabit Internet

Updated 10 years ago
Published Feb 28th, 2013 4:20PM EST
Google Fiber Time Warner Cable

Consumers have lined up for the gigabit speeds of Google’s high-speed Internet service, unfortunately it is only offered in Kansas City. The company has teased expanding the service to additional markets, but until then consumers are forced to rely on traditional cable companies for less than stellar speeds. Despite the success of Google Fiber, Time Warner Cable’s (TWC) chief financial officer Irene Esteves claimed consumers don’t want breakneck Internet speeds.

“We’re in the business of delivering what consumers want, and to stay a little ahead of what we think they will want,” the executive said while speaking at the Morgan Stanley Technology Conference on Wednesday, according to The Verge. “We just don’t see the need of delivering [Google Fiber speeds] to consumers.”

Esteves noted that Time Warner has the capability of delivering gigabit speeds and already does for its business customers. She explained, however, only a “very small fraction” of real-world consumers would be interested in these speeds.

Time Warner is content with its current offerings but does seem to be willing to change its policy if Google (GOOG) continues to find success.

“If Google finds the magic pill and finds applications that require that and develops a need for it, well terrific” the executive said. “We would build our product base in order to deliver that.”