Now that Google has changed its official name to Alphabet, it’s decided to buy the entire alphabet domain name — yes, that means it’s bought DomainInvesting, which first flagged Google’s purchase, says that this particular domain was created in 1999 and had been privately owned before Google decided to buy it. Going to the domain right now shows that it’s a blank page, which means Google hasn’t officially done anything with it yet.

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So why did Google/Alphabet buy such a ridiculous domain name? The company had already purchased the domain name and a spokesperson tells Re/code that “we realized we missed a few letters in, so we’re just being thorough.” So it sounds like there’s a good chance that won’t ever really be used, which makes sense because what sane person would want to type in that URL all the time?

At any rate, we imagine the person who had been sitting on all these years was insanely happy the minute they learned Google had changed its name to Alphabet and was interested in the domain name. It’s a little bit like having a massive POG collection in your attic that a crazy eccentric billionaire sees and offers to pay you seven figures for it.

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