After failing to comply with Judge William Alsup’s earlier order, Google (GOOG) finally reiterated its previous statements and asserted that it did not pay any authors, journalists, commentators or bloggers to report or comment on its trial against Oracle (ORCL). The Internet giant did provide a list of consultants, contractors, employees and various organizations who commented on the case and have in the past received money from the company, however, including Google attorney William Patry, Java creator James Gosling and the Electronic Frontier Foundation, among others. “Pursuant to the [judge’s order], the required disclosure does not include advertising revenue, disclosed experts, or gifts to universities,” Google said in its court filing. “It does, however, include ‘all commenters known by Google to have received payments as consultants, contractors, vendors, or employees’ and employee-commenters at organizations who receive money from Google.”

[Via Wired]


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