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Did Google just accidentally reveal Android M’s full name?

Google Android M Final Name Milkshake

Google unveiled Android M on Thursday, but we know from history that this won’t be the platform’s final name — instead, it’s going to be named after some kind of delicious dessert. An eagle-eyed Redditor over at the Android subreddit noticed that one of the Googlers on stage at I/O 2015 Thursday had an Android Wear watch that just happened to feature a picture of a milkshake on its display. Their conclusion? The next version of Android will be called “Android Milkshake.”

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Source: The Verge

Yes, it’s true: If you look carefully at the upside down watch display in the pic above, it does very clearly look like a milkshake of some sort. Of course, this could also be Google trolling its fans, knowing that many of them will dissect every image of Google I/O for potential evidence of the next Android dessert.

All the same, we think “Milkshake” would be a much better nickname than “Marshmellow” or, even worse, the “Macadamia Nut Cookie” code name that Google is using internally to describe the OS.

UPDATE: The Googler in question, Dave Burke, says the dessert on his watch has nothing to do with Android M.

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