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Leaked pics may be our first look at the gold iPhone 6

Gold iPhone 6 Leaked Pictures

We’ve seen leaked pics of the iPhone 6 from just about every angle imaginable so far but this is may be the first time we’ve seen it in gold before. has posted some new pictures that purportedly show the iPhone 6 in the champagne color that Apple first trotted out with the iPhone 5s last year and it looks just like you’d expect it to.

Yes, that is indeed a rear shell that looks very much like all the other leaked pics of the iPhone 6 we’ve seen, complete with the ugly thick white lines at the top and bottom of the device, the rounded edges and a camera that sticks out from the top of the device. Oh, and of course it’s painted in the same champagne gold color that we first saw with the iPhone 5s. says that it was skeptical of these pictures at first but that after comparing them to other leaked pics of the iPhone 6, it decided they were probably the real deal.

We won’t have to wait much longer to find out for sure, however, as we’re literally just hours away from Apple’s big announcement.

Check out more pictures of the gold iPhone 6 by clicking the source link below.

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