Most Game of Thrones fans are anxiously waiting to see whether a certain character will return for more adventures with The Watch in the upcoming season, but there’s not that much Game of Thrones action going on right now. The sixth season of the show is months away, so until then we’ll just need to get our Game of Thrones fix by looking at fan-made creations like the following hilarious Tinder profiles that some of your favorite characters from the series would make if they had access to online dating.

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Artist Ashley Nawn put together a series of Tinder profiles for Jon Snow, Tyrion, Daenerys, Oberyn and Hodor, and posted them on Behance all the way back in April.

Jon is 20, “knows 99% nothing, 1% where to put it.” He’s some 25 miles away and active five minutes ago. Tyrion, 37, was married once…. “well, twice.”

Daenerys is the same age as Jon, and some expect them to hook up. She’s the “mother of dragons, breaker of chains, unless you’re into that.”

But check these funny Tinder profiles below for yourself – and yes, Hodor’s profile is as hilarious as you expect it to be.

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