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Here’s how you can fix one of the Galaxy S6’s biggest problems

Galaxy S6 Tips And Tricks RAM Management Fix

One of the big complaints we’ve heard about the Galaxy S6 so far has been about its supposedly poor RAM management that is leading to apps crashing much more frequently than they have on previous flagship Samsung phones. However, SamMobile points out that one XDA Developer has come up with what looks like a simple fix to this problem, although you should be warned that it will require rooting your phone first.

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Basically, once you’ve rooted your phone you’ll want to open up your phone’s build.prop and change some lines of code that will change how your phone manages its RAM. This apparently fixes the problem without killing apps’ performance, although we’ve yet to try it out ourselves.

“Apps like Chrome, which use Android’s WebView function for displaying webpages, don’t behave any differently after making the changes, but otherwise the multitasking experience does improve considerably,” writes SamMobile about what happens after making the changes.

Again, though, this fix will only work if you’re willing to root your Galaxy S6. If you aren’t then you’re just going to have to hope Samsung issues a fix for Galaxy S6 RAM management on its own.

To see complete instructions on what code to add to your rooted Galaxy S6’s build.prop, check out XDA’s full guide here.

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