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New study suggests Samsung’s Galaxy S5 is more breakable than the iPhone 5s

Published Apr 15th, 2014 1:51PM EDT
Galaxy S5 Durability Test

The Galaxy S5 can do plenty of things that the iPhone can’t, but even with IP67 certification, Samsung still hasn’t built a more durable phone than the iPhone 5s. The Associated Press shares the latest results from SquareTrade’s durability tests, which put the iPhone 5s just half a point ahead of the brand new Galaxy S5. According to SquareTrade, the relative small size of the iPhone 5s gives it an edge over the 5-inch Android phones which have begun flooding the market. An iPhone owner is simply less likely to drop his or her phone.

Although Samsung didn’t topple Apple this generation, the Galaxy S5 did receive a much lower score (where lower is better) than the Galaxy S4. Last year’s Galaxy S4 had the high risk score of 7, owing to its poor performance during drops tests and a slippery back panel. Samsung took the back panel criticism to heart, as the new, less stylish band-aid look is admittedly much easier to grip. The improved design coupled with the water and dust resistance of the Galaxy S5 bumped the score down to 6.

Of note, Samsung’s Galaxy S5 has done very well in recent torture tests — it even survived a crazy two-story drop.

The battle between Apple and Samsung rages on, but even as the breakability scores of the iPhone and Galaxy smartphones continue to drop, other Android phone makers have already surpassed the mobile leaders. With a score of 4.5, both the Moto X and the original HTC One outclass the best-selling competition in terms of durability. With a 5.5-inch iPhone rumored to be on the horizon, Apple’s score is likely to rise even further during the next report.

Jacob Siegal
Jacob Siegal Associate Editor

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