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Samsung says the Galaxy Note Edge is ‘quite durable’

Galaxy Note Edge Build Quality

Samsung on Friday posted on its official blog a list of answers to questions potential Galaxy Note Edge buyers might have about the phone and its unusual curved-edge design. The company addressed various matters, including durability, unintended touches, design, and Edge screen functionality.

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Durability appears to be critical for the Galaxy Note Edge, which makes sense considering the phone’s curved screen. But the company says the handset is very durable.

“What happens when someone drops it? Wouldn’t the screen on the side break easily? “ the company said. “Developers at Samsung were aware that people might be concerned that the curved display might crack easily. They say that they’ve done more than 1,000 drop tests, not to mention other vigorous durability tests that Samsung is widely recognized for. The Galaxy Note Edge actually undergoes more durability tests – tests designed to simulate the different angles it may fall because of the edge screen and how the edge screen changes the way the device is gripped.”

“The metal frame plays a significant role here too. It’s pretty clear that the rigid metal helps make the frame stronger. Also, if you take the device, you can see that the metal frame pops out a bit from the screen, so that when the device is dropped, it impacts the metal frame first. Therefore, in terms of the device being dropped, it drops similar to the way regular smartphones are dropped; the display isn’t the first impact point. Basically, the point is, the Galaxy Note Edge is quite durable,” Samsung concludes.

Naturally, no matter what a company would tell you about its devices, the fact remains that no gadget is unbreakable no matter what kind of display it has, especially when dropped from certain heights, so you’d better keep your Galaxy Note Edge safe even though it’s supposed to be “quite durable.”

Samsung’s full article — which also addresses questions about unintended touches, design choices, and the Note Edge’s screen functionality — is available at the source link, while BGR’s full review of the awkwardly shaped smartphone is available at this link.

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