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Samsung has some strange and crazy ideas for the future of the Galaxy Note

May 26th, 2015 at 3:55 PM
Galaxy Note Android Windows Hybrid Laptop

Samsung is the company that brought phablets into the mainstream and its Galaxy Note phablets are routinely among the best smartphones released every year. The South Korean giant is getting ready to unveil its Galaxy Note 5 this year, but the future of the Note family might be a lot more exciting than curved displays and high-resolution displays, a new Samsung invention seems to indicate.

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According to a patent found by Patently Mobile, Samsung might in the future make the Galaxy Note a more powerful device than we ever imagined. Rather than being just big-screen smartphones, future Galaxy Note versions might have a special dock accessory that would turn them into the equivalent of full featured laptops.

The Galaxy Note would dock inside a laptop-like device which would feature a display, a full-sized keyboard and a battery large enough to power the phablet and the second screen. The device would then either run a version of Android on a larger screen or possibly even Windows.

The patent implies that future Galaxy Notes will be so powerful that they’ll be able to offer you the same computing experience as an actual laptop once they’re plugged into their docks. Also notable is the fact that the dock doesn’t even have a hard drive, meaning the phablet would have enough storage to handle all operations both in mobile and in desktop mode.

Finally, the touchscreen of this advanced Galaxy Note version would be turned into a touchpad for the laptop.

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